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Reading and Language Arts:  Comprehension, FCAT, phonics and more
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      Understanding Learning Disabilities
      Teaching Children How To Research

      Teaching The Constitution And American History

      • The Constitution, Money And The Economy This article is a review of Robert P Hillmann's book "Reinventing Government: Fast Bullets, And Cultural Changes", in which he documents what is happening to the world's economy.
      • Unconstitutional Laws:  Do unconstitutional laws supersede the Constitution or is it the reverse? Does the President have the power to declare war as a result of the Powers Act?  If you are interested in answers to these questions, this article is for you.

                  How To Teach And Learn Basic Spanish
                   Math Lessons

                    Why Children Fail 
                     Articles By Students 

                    Sales Alerts and Free Stuff    

                    • Free Movies. Are you tired of paying for the high cost of cable and satellite  that are filled with advertisements?   What if you had access to a video store in the convenience of your own home for 6.67 per month? Learn about Roku in this article.
                     Health Issues And Healthy Eating

                         Home School  Information
                        • Why Home School (If you are considering home education because you are not pleased with the quality of public school education, this article will interest you) (It can also be used to convince a reluctant relative.)
                        • Whole Brain Teaching (Learn how to become a more effective educator/ When you Home School, the whole world becomes your classroom)
                        • Grade Level Requirements (Parents often ask me what their child should be learning at various grade levels. This link answers that question- Preschool through Twelfth Grade)

                            Understanding Different Personalities For Effective Teaching
                                Special Needs Children
                                • The Rose
                                • Learning Disabilities: This article (and videos) discusses conditions that cause or mimic learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Asperger Syndrome, Dyslexia, Slow Learners)

                                How To Build Self Esteem

                                Business Ideas 

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