Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Early Reader Book On Line

It is important that children associate reading with phonic sounds as soon as possible.  So as soon as your child has learned the phonic sounds of  Ss, Aa, Mm, Rr, Nn, Dd and Tt make the following free early reader book their first book they read themselves. The attached PDF file is an early reader book from the reading/ phonics game, "Ring Around the Phonics". Download it for free as many times as you like. Book: "Sam And Dan"

Below  are three ways to use the book, "Sam and Dan".
  • Use it to teach Sequencing
  • Use it to teach Reading Comprehension 
  •  Once he/ she is able to read "Sam and Dan" allow them to color it which is a good exercise for helping them learn to write because it develops finger dexterity.

  • If you want to make sure you are enunciating the phonic sounds correctly you can hear and see them enunciated free in video format.
  • To learn more about Ring Around the Phonics ("The reading and phonics game children literally beg to play click here .

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