Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween Spook

The following is a story written by one of my students who is a third grader. I will soon add his biography. But his story is so good I wanted to give him credit ASAP.

The Halloween Spook
Once there were two kids walking down a crowded street by an abandoned house. Then a ghost snatched one of the kids. Then I saw people being transformed into werewolves who began to chase me. So I ran to my house. When I put the key in the lock, the key broke. I was lucky, I had a key to the basement. So I opened the basement door. Then I got in the basement and locked it. Then I saw a witch in the basement!!
The End
Author: Matthew C.
Great job Matthew. You are an awesome writer, and student!
Note: Educators can use this story to teach "Authors Purpose", "Sequencing", "Predicting outcomes", and tone.

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